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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snow, washers

Ok, what's up with the snow? Grr. I want the warm sun shine. Whose with me? I give. UNCLE!!

Also, I seem to have angered the appliance Gods. That, or it's just really bad laundry karma. In the last year, most of my appliances have died, leaked or otherwise needed to be replaced. 2 weeks ago, my dryer gives me trouble. I get the call in just under the warranty. Great. They came out, replaced the blown out circuit board and swapped out the control panel for good measure. Fine and dandy. So then Tues, without thinking much about it, the washer does something funny. We put a load in and set it to delay wash. That never takes off. For some reason, I hear the door lock, the tub spins a bit, then freezes up. Alrighty then. I have to kill the power at the breaker to make it work again. Humm, odd. But I think nothing more of it. But then last night, it happens again! Jer looks up the F70 code that pops up, apparently there is some kind of "communication error". What's that all about?

I guess I will just have to see what happens. Technically, my warranty expired on the 14th. That's not cool. But I will raise a stink and see what I can do. Shan says apparently this has been an issue for other people. Don't know yet, I'm just going to look it up now.

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