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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 AM and she calls me...

Just need to state my appreciation for 24 hour Smith's. Oh, and the fact that they have Powerade for a quarter. Oh, and they just happen to have it when BOTH my kids start throwing up in the middle of the night. Well, PJ started about 10, Liza waited until after 1. Grrr. So after getting all the cleanup done, I decide that I should get them something to keep them hydrated. I know I wont be able to run in the morning with Jer gone, so I leave him with the sick kids and make a quick run to the store. Once there, I find empty shelves where the sports drinks are. What is it with Smith's? They never actually seem to have what they put in the ads. At least, not if it is an unbelievable deal, such as Powerade for close to free. Ahh, but thanks to helpful stock boys! One of the men, literally, scoured the store and finds me 16 bottles. Ok, so I had only planned to get 8, but got all 16. After all, he went all over the store looking for it, and it was only another $2.

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