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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Polish strikes again

I have not been sleeping well lately. So with Jer at home today, I took a little nap. What I wake up to sounds like world war 3. Apparently while Jer was making dinner, PJ got into the TV room and painted my coupon binder, the newspapers, and yes, the carpet in pink enamel. Lovely. Fortunately, I have had to deal with this before, but on a much larger scale. It took just a few minutes with the carpet cleaner and hairspray to get it up. But oh boy. Sometimes I wonder if this kid has it out for us. I just don't know how much more I can take. Ahh, the joy of parenthood. I know that for the most part, I have been very lucky. My kids are smart and usually well behaved. But man, when they go to the dark side, they go far. I am so happy that I have that carpet cleaner. It has saved my carpet more times than I ever thought possible. If it ever dies on me, I will have to replace it right away and not tempt fate. Who knows what will happen next.

To the cookies. We have had them for 3 days now, 2 if you don't count that we got them on Tues and didn't do anything but sort them. We have only a few more orders to collect. There are about 10 around the neighborhood. Jer still has 3 at work. But we have not done the Orem orders yet at all. That will be it. We turned in our first set of cash and checks today. Almost $1400. Its good to know have to worry about being liable for that any more. Especially since we had a close call yesterday when I dropped my stack of checks in the street. Oops. At least we have honest teenagers around here. A girl found it and called one of the people who wrote a check who told her it belonged to Liza.

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