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Saturday, April 3, 2010

New bikes

I went out today to get the kids new bikes for Easter. They were getting a little big for the ones they already had. I went to Target, grabbed one for Liza that was $100. And yes, I quarrelled with myself. I just thought that was a lot to spend. But I got it anyway. Then I ran to Walmart to get one for PJ. While I am there, I find a nearly identical bike to the one that I got Liza, but it was half the price. HA! So I got the one there for Liza. They had it in pink anyway. Turned out that I got both kids bikes for almost the same cost as the one at Target. Boy, I don't know why I bother going anywhere else. Sure, when Liza stops needing a new bike every year or two, I wont mind spending some money on a bike for her, but not now. I got her one of the 20" bikes. It's a little big for her, but she rides it just fine. And instead of training wheels, it had a kick stand.

PJ's bike is also a little big, but it wont be long before he is riding it just fine. And with the training wheels on that one, It is OK that his feet don't touch the ground. I got him a 12" to replace his tiny 10". This is actually the first bike we bought for him. He just had Liza's old 10" that we painted. he loves it. Jer will probably take him out to learn how to ride it sometime this summer. PJ wants to start now, but since his feet don't reach, we think it's best to wait a little bit.

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