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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Catalina Magdalena Hopperstiener Waldendiner Hogan Bogan Logan was her name

When I first started working in the take home library at the school, I would sit in the room with the books reading to PJ while we had to wait for Liza to get out of class. Well, one day I read him this funny book that we both loved. Trouble was I had no idea what it was or where I got it out of the shelves. Today I pulled it out to give it to another student. I was so excited. I found a post-it, scribbled down the name and now I cant wait to order it for the kids. Ok, not all for the kids. I love reading this one out loud. It is just FUN!!

On another note, Jer's interview went well. They said they were really interested, but they don't know if they can afford him. The guy who did the interview said that he had not been able to get with the director to find out the budget, and he himself would be leaving on vacation soon. So we may not hear anything for a few weeks. That's alright. Jer is still not sure if he wants to leave Dentrix, at least not completely. For some kind of raise though, he might be willing to hand in his golden shackles. The biggest thing he would be walking away from would be the vacation time. But the severance package he has earned over the last 11 years and the life insurance are a little hard to swallow (as far as "what if's" go). For Jeremie, though, this was at the very least, a great way to get some networking done and see if he had some other possibilities out there. Guess we will just sit and wait, see what happens.

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