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Friday, April 23, 2010

Spelling test

I have been practicing Liza's spelling lists with her for several weeks now. This week her words are some, come, from, there, and here. PJ wanted in on the action. While we are having breakfast, PJ says, "Some. s-o-m-e. Is that correct, Mommy?" In just love the big words he uses. Sometimes he just sounds so grown up!

On a side note, I have discovered a craft bone in my body. Its not very big at all, but apparently it's there. I saw these flowers that Martha Stewart had made. She glued them onto a branch and turned it into a centerpiece. I don't need or want anything like that, but I thought they would turn into cute little barrettes. They did. I just need to get some fabric in more colors that Liza wears. But she loves them.

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