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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

12' tall sunflower

In honor of Earth Day, I went into Liza's class today to plant flowers. I didn't know that the other mom would come in with giant sunflowers for all the kids to plant. Ah, this should be fun. Yes, I do know that Earth Day is actually Thursday, but there were some scheduling conflicts so we had to do it today. It was a lot of fun. Watching 30 kindergartners plant flowers in tiny pots is really funny.

On another subject, Liza had her DRA testing today. Total brag moment, but she did fantastic! She is reading well above her grade and her fluency and word speed are really good. She had a story that she had to read in under a minute, and read it flawlessly in 32 seconds. Her teacher was impressed. So was her mother. I am afraid that Liza may get a big head though. She knows she did well, and is excited about it. she has every right to be. She did great all around, even on math. I am really bad about working on that with her.

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