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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Farm Country

Our Lit n' Learning activity for this week was a field trip to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point. The kids had a blast. When we arrived, they had a 2 week old kid out for the kids to pet. PJ was a bit intimidated and didn't want to get near it. Just as I convinced him to tough it, the goat let out a huge bleat, making poor PJ jump about a mile. He never did actually touch it, something that he said he wished he had done as we were leaving. Liza tried to get near a pygmy donkey, but he was being ornery so she didn't get to stay too long near it. But they got to ride the ponies twice. Liza went right to the tallest and rode that one both time. He stood more than 5 feet high at the saddle. PJ went for one of the smaller ponies the first time, but the second, he rode the second tallest pony. She was nearly as tall as Liza's pony, but not quite.

Just one more big field trip for this summer program. We will be heading to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving point in a few weeks, then it's time for school. Wow, this summer seems to have just flown by. I can't believe I am already doing school shopping. Fun, fun. I am looking forward to getting both kids into school this year.

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