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Monday, July 26, 2010

Pioneer Day

First off: LOOK I FOUND MY CAMERA! Someone (my 3rd child by the name of Notme) apparently put it on the speaker behind the couch that is hidden by the curtain.
Friday afternoon, Tina and I went to my parents and in the heat, plucked 4 flats of perfectly under ripe apricots. That led directly to a very busy Saturday morning. We went right back to the pioneer spirit and canned 46 quarts of yummy goodness. It only took about 5 hours. Time well spent. We were both surprised by the amount we got. I certainly didn't think we would get that many. Ahh, come winter we will really be enjoying the freshness of our labor. In a few weeks we will go back for the super ripe fruit and make nectar.

The rest of the afternoon was spent just hanging with the kids and getting ready to have a friend over for dinner. Earlier this week, we pulled out what we thought was going to be a pretty big roast to have for Sunday dinner. When we got it out to start the marinade, we discovered that the unlabeled cut of meat was actually several randomly sized chunks of meat. We're talking anywhere from half an ounce to 10 ounce steaks. What a shocker. After a quick trip to the store, our roast turned into yummy kabobs. While I was chopping the veggies, Liza comes screaming into the house. She and PJ had been playing. I guess at some point, PJ failed to pick her up, dropping her instead. Thanks to the holiday, my only options were wait until this morning to take her to the doctor or head to the ER. It didn't appear serious, but i was pretty sure that she broke her wrist. Again. This morning I get an appointment first thing, take her in, and it turns out, she just had a bad sprain. Anyone who knows my kids knows it was more likely to go the other way, but I am glad I took her in anyway. Better safe than sorry.


  1. That was fun. You ready to do beets? My beets haven't grown very much so we should just buy a bushel. I'm glad I have a canning buddy! You are awesome!

  2. Ummm, yummy. Yup. I can do beets. I always need more, even if I only made it through 45 pints last year.