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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sad State of Affairs

Jer's dad called today. We knew it had to be something important, since he never calls unless he wants something, and even then, that is maybe once a year. He had some sad news. Geegee died last night. Wondering who Geegee is? So were we. Jer had to ask. Apparently, Gigi was Jer's step mother. Yup, Rick remarried. Don't know when. Kinda sad. Not that his step mother died, but the fact that we didn't know he HAD a step mother. Well, I'm sure that Geegee's passing is sad and unfortunate for many people who actually knew her. I would say for her family, but we don't know if she had any. Kids? Parents? Brothers or sisters? No clue. I'm sure it is sad for Rick. He says he will be fine. I'm sure he will.

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