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Friday, June 11, 2010

Is it just me?

My kids have suffered more than the average number of broken bones. Liza has had a broken finger, a broken hand, and a broken wrist (both bones). PJ has had a broken leg (both bones) and now a broken clavicle. I usually don't let my kids watch much television, and so I have figured that by not letting them watch TV, they are playing, and when they play, they do dumb things like jump off chairs and slide on ice. Thanks to my busy few weeks and the bad weather this morning, I was not having any guilt about letting my kids just watch the boob tube for a bit. After all, we were going to be going to Lagoon for the day and I figured some TV couldn't hurt. HA! Teach me. While just laying on the couch simply just watching some morning cartoons, PJ breaks his collar bone. OK, so he wasn't so much "just laying on the couch" as he was laying across the TOP of the couch. Where gravity had its way and he fell off. Awkwardly landing on his shoulder. This is insane. I took him to the doctor. Dr. Corry took one small look at him, and said, "Yep. He definitely broke his clavicle. Let's get some x-rays and see how bad." I took PJ in just last week for a well child check, where Dr. Corry pointed out that we had not had a broken bone for a while. Almost 2 years. Almost. Did he jinx us? Maybe. In an attempt to find some humor in this, I will say yes. Oh well. It was not a bad break. Just a greenstick, but we have to make sure he doesn't finish off the job by playing too hard and falling. He is in a sling, but it is hurting him a lot. The poor kid is terrified to lie down. I don't know what we will do at bed time.

Liza still got to go to Lagoon with Dad. I didn't think it would be fair to make her miss out on all the fun. She has gotten to do a lot of cool and crazy stuff. I wish I had been there to see it. But I feel like I should be with the injured kid. I think that is where I am better off. If I was with Liza, I would just be worrying about PJ. More on Liza's adventures when they get home and I find out just how much fun she is having.

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