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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birthday Party

Today we had PJ's birthday party. It was utterly EXHAUSTING. Seriously, I have never been so tired after throwing a party for my kids. I think I bit off more than I could chew. Believe it or not, I had a cake disaster. First, I had planned to make a rocket shooting up from a launch pad. But when I made the rocket, it was huge. So at 3 am I decided to take the rocket, warm it in the microwave and flat out sculpt a rocket. It worked out. At first. The smaller rocket fit better on the fins I had already made. This morning I was totally confident it was going to happen. I glued it all together (with chocolate). But within minutes, one of the fins snapped. Ok. Deep breath. It can still work. Lay the rocket on it's side, like it is spinning through space. Ahh, that works. Ice the rocket. Place on cake. All is well. Until it's not. Second fin falls. Crap. Take fin that fell off earlier. Cram a dozen tooth picks into it. This should hold. Looks good. Add cotton candy smoke trail. Clean the bathrooms. Walk into kitchen. Total mess. Cake is a disaster. Crap Crap CRAP!!! Did you know that cotton candy will melt when it comes in contact with even a little oil, like as in the butter in icing? I throw my hands up, say many words that would make a sailor blush, and give up. I stop caring. In the end, we had one fin, a jet oddly on it's side, and one very very happy birthday boy. Sorry, no pics of the total disaster before I pulled off the yellow rice crispy mess soaked in melted cotton candy.
I suppose I should expound on what we actually did. After all, a cake is just a cake, but a party is a PARTY. All of PJ's cousins came. They got to play on a giant inflatable water slide. We went over to the soccer fields and each kid got a chance to light a rocket and send it flying. We had dinner and presents. PJ got everything he wanted. He only asked for 3 things: cars, a rug with roads (I think he may have seen that at Mima's because just this last week he asked for that) and a two wheeled scooter. He got them all. Plus some Buzz and Woody buddies, that he was less than ecstatic about, but once he watches the movies, I think he will love in time. The whole thing was fun. The kids loved getting to see all of their cousins. Even Ben, Taylor and Brianna made it. This is the first time they have been able to come to one of Porter's birthday parties. So that was really special.

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