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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She's Still Doing IT!!!

Alright. So Thursday, I took away her birthday. Let her work her butt off the rest of Thursday and all of Friday to earn it back. She bites PJ within the hour. Then again Saturday. Then again Monday. They are playing pony. PJ climbs on. Not a word- just bites him because she doesn't want to play anymore. Monday again. So I blow my top. Tuesday is pretty good. The only thing she got in trouble for was because I caught both of them on top of the car. Both were sent to their room. Ahh, but then let's move on to this morning. Before 8 am, Liza has bitten PJ. This time, he was laying on her. Again, no warning. Just a big fat bite on the leg. So I yelled. I screamed. I made her plain-old-boring-with-nothing-added oatmeal for breakfast. It took her until 2 to decide that she was hungry enough to eat it. One of my Lit n' Leaning mom's who talked to her shrink hubby suggested this morning that I try telling her if she can't use her teeth correctly, she won't have to use them at all. I laughed because of the oatmeal.

At about noon I just couldn't take the fighting anymore. I went to a neighbor's for a few moments and cried on her shoulder. (Thanks, so much for that, btw, C, I really needed that). I told her what I was going to try. She went to her pantry and gave me a bottle of baby food that her daughter refuses to eat- mixed veggies and beef. I went home and told Liza that if she was going to bite, this is the food she gets to eat.

As of bed time, no more bites. Much better behavior (she even read with no mistakes). Maybe there is hope yet. My heart says she finally learned. My mind says it's hopeless. I did threaten to take away Girl Scouts. Maybe that is more important than her birthday. Which is not happening. No presents. No outing. No party. Not a single phone call will be passed to her. September 3rd, at least this year, will just be a date on a calendar.

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  1. Whoa. Glad to hear the baby food thing might work. I was not nearly that creative. I was leaning toward spank her really really hard. But it's easy to be all ragey when it's not your kid. I'm not normally a proponent of spanking. Still, I felt frustrated FOR YOU. I hope it keeps working!