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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2 buck Tuesdays

I love Thanksgiving Point's August special. Every year I make the trip to the gardens for only a few clams. It's the only time that I bother with the gardens, and really the only venue where I bother trying to save a few bucks. With the museum being such a great deal, there is always a line out the door and around the building just to get in, let alone the hundreds of people crammed into exhibits, and farm country is just cheap anyway- only $3 any given day. But I figure, with the many acres of room, I can handle the crowds.

Tina and I took our kids to run among the flowers. They loved it. We got to see the NASA exhibit, so totally not worth it. I'm glad I didn't fork over the $30 bucks for that. But the flowers were in bloom, and the grass was green. So the planet thing just didn't really factor in. The kids had such a wonderful time. They loved the waterfall, the hills, and the hedge maze. I lost myself in the gardens. I just enjoyed the company and the scenery. 4 hours went by almost instantly. I think even Tina thought that the get away was nice. We were with the kids, but they were so busy that it was like we were in totally different hemispheres.

We had lunch in a park in Lehi, then a quick trip to Home Depot to get some things I need around the house. I have to say, my kids were so fantastically well behaved today, that I felt a little out of sorts. They just usually act up in some way. I am so proud of them. We had such a relaxed day that I was more then happy to spoil them a little. They got some extra snacks, TV time, and more stories at bedtime then usual. Ahh, if only every day could be like this. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have 2 such well behaved kids. And happy kids. All day long it was nothing but smiles. If only that were everyday. Maybe the headaches would stop. Haha.

Tomorrow, I will happily pay full price to not have crowds at the museum. It will be the last Lit n' Leaning field trip of the summer. Then school starts. Then I will have spare time on my hands, until I get busy volunteering at the school. Something that will actually start this week when I go in to help label some of the books.

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