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Thursday, May 27, 2010


The kindergarten teacher's spent weeks planning a graduation ceremony for all the kids. Today was Liza's chance. She is officially a first grader today. She work a little green cap and gown, sang a song and got a "diploma". After words, there was a quick slide show and refreshments. Nothing to spectacular, but special all the same. Tomorrow will be the last day of school. She is excited. She keeps saying, "When I wake up on Monday, I don't have to get ready for school."

She has made so much progress this year. When school started, Liza couldn't read. Knowing her letters, colors and shapes was about the extent of it. Now, she is reading like a crazy woman. She loves to pick up a book and read it. I still have her read out loud, but before long, I don't think she will need to do that. Her handwriting is still atrocious, but look at her dad's. We will work on that over the summer.

We will both miss Liza's teachers. They made learning so much fun. But she has a whole new school to look forward to next year. And she gets to be with Lily and Bradley next year. I don't know if Savhanna will be in her class. But then, I don't know if I'm supposed to know who she has next year. But I asked that she not be in Tina's class, and I think there are just 2 first grade teachers at the new school. That will be nice, having a smaller school (only about 500 students there next year, instead of 1300).

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