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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I feel like I have been running for days. It is 9 at night before I have been able to actually sit and take a deep breath for days. No, I'm not meaning to complain. I'm just not used to being so busy. We finally finished the shelves and moved everything from one room to another, but I feel like that's about it (and discovered that my house is way lopsided, more on that later). I wanted to make it to WinCo today so I could stock my freezer, but I didn't even have time for that.

So if you don't know, this week is "teacher appreciation week". As a room mother, I have been in charge of the whole thing. When I started this project, it was fine. But I have spent so much money and gotten so little support from other mom's that it has started to bother me. The other room mother that I have been working with suggested a book for Liza's teachers. Fine. She had to leave Thursday to go to her sister's funeral, so Friday I went to Walmart, spent $20 on paper and envelopes. No biggie. I sent a note with the kids to fill out the papers, include pics and send them back by today. I also asked for donations for a gift to the teachers. Well, as of this morning, I had 19 of the 29 pages back and donations from a whopping 5 parents!!! What is wrong with people?? Liza's teachers have done so much for the class. Why cant people just show a little appreciation. Hell, send a freakin dollar with your kid!!! Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of 3 parents (they each sent $10), I did get some nice gifts. But then Shannon wants me to laminate each page of the book, at a small fortune ($70). I got her down to the cover of the book, but when all is said and done, I am now $40 into the book, and she has not opened her wallet. Honestly, I'd rather do all of this alone. At least then, I wouldn't be shocked at the cost. Sorry, I know this is a total rant. I'm just frustrated.

I have to say by Friday night, I will be climbing into my hole and disappearing for the weekend. I'm sure that there are many other emotions sitting not-so-quietly at the edge of my mind magnifying everything. On a positive note, I got a new couch. And Shan, I will say, I didn't want to get up from it when I laid down on it. I thought it was pretty comfy.


  1. Just do what most other parents do and give a gift to the teachers by yourself. Then you won't be stressed out.

  2. Yay! Can't wait for a sleepover. Do you need an escape night this week? We could go see a movie or something. We did that last year I remember, it can be our new tradition.